Saturday, January 30, 2010

Father of Development

Our group choose Tun Abdul Razak for the famous historical person. Tun Abd Razak bin Dato' Najib Al-Haj (March 11, 1922 - January 14, 1976) was the second Prime Minister of Malaysia, lead our beloved country from 1970 to 1976. We choose Tun Abdul Razak because we were amazed by his greatness. Apart from that, he has the responsibility to country and the other aspects. He also takes seriously and concerns about problem of all citizens in the country. After independence, he contribution many content to develop this country. He was a leader’s of love, peacefulness and development of the country. With his loyal service, he achieved a title as a father of Malaysia’s development. In other hand, he contributes in education, country’s defence and socio-economy. In this assignment, we will analyse and describe about Tun Abdul Razak’s details from the sides of his physical attributes, characteristics, personal life, professional life and achievements.

Physical is an outside of sign that have each a people. Some physical exist to describe some people who are very well-known such as Tun Abdul Razak. According to our research through his pictures, he was not fully bald, he was hairless. He always wears a songkok. His body was not too muscular like military but still well built. We believed that he always take the excellent diet routine. He also has a healthy life. He did not do such thing as smoking and drinking. That’s why his body was well built. From his face, we see that he has a high and sharp nose. His nose is just like other Malay man. His height is between 160 cm to 170 cm. His height was normal just like the other of human being. He also has earlobe. Besides that, he is a dim person, that’s because he uses a thick spectacle. From his eyes, we looked to his eyebrow, his eyebrow is also thick.