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Tun Abdul Razak was the son of an aristocrat from the state of Pahang in Malaysia. His father was a high ranking official in Pahang and was close with members of the royal court. However, Tun Abdul Razak was cared for by his grandfather and other relatives in Jambu Langgar. Tun Abdul Razak was born on the 11th of March 1922 in Pulau Keladi, Pekan, Pahang. His father was Datuk Hussein b. Mohammad Taib and mother Datin Teh Fatimah Hj. Daud and he was their eldest child. His younger sister was Datin Maimunah who married a former Chief Minister of Pahang named Datuk Mohammad Jusof.

Although Tun Abdul Razak was a son of an aristocrat he was brought up in a village life and lived the life of a village boy. It was normal for him to be covered in mud and grime. In fact since a child he often was drenched in sweat as he toiled in the paddy fields helping his family. In the village, he was not perceived as the son of a high ranking state official but his nature and character made him the same as any other village boy.

At the age of 6, he was enrolled at a village school which walls were made of wood and roof of palm leaves. Like any other kampong boy he went to school barefooted. Every day he went to school with one cent as pocket money. It was with that money that he spent on food and drinks. At times his grandfather could not even afford that.

Life in the paddy fields and orchard covered with mud and crossing bunds, lanes and undergrowth barefooted was something he always remembered. It was his experience of hardship and adversity in his early life in a country under the hands of the Japanese and English that ingrained the determination to continue his studies to the highest level.

While in primary school in the village he was not arrogant nor did he act like a snooty aristocrat son. His humbleness and humility made his schoolmates and teacher treat him like any other village boy. After school he used to go to the surau to learn to read the Quran which was a normal thing done by every Muslim village boy. It was a part of his daily routine.

In 1933, Tun Abdul Razak was chosen by the Resident of Pahang to continue his education at Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK). He enrolled here on the 26th of January 1934. At the beginning of his tenure here Tun Abdul Razak faced a hurdle because he hadn't studied English at his village primary school. However with sheer hard work and determination he was able to overcome this and obtained good results in his first year. Most extraordinary was that he able to get double promotion and sat for his School Certificate Examination and passed in 1937.

After completing his studies at MCKK he obtained a scholarship to continue his studies at Raffles College in Singapore in the field of law, economy and history for 3 years to get a diploma. The diploma was the highest level offered at the college at that time. It was Raffles College where Tun Abdul Razak noticed something compared to the time he was in MCKK. At Raffles College there were students from all races unlike at MCKK where there were only those from the Malay race and children of Royalty only. However at Raffles the majority were Chinese.

It was here that he met several Malay students from Pahang and Johor that became friends and members of the cabinet when the country got her independence. Tun Abdul Razak managed to pass his first year paper at Raffles College however unfortunately the Second World War broke out where the Japanese army had already attacked Singapore and Malaya thus his education was halted. As security was not certain due to the war he returned to his village Jambu Langgar and lived with his family. He returned to the village life of eking a living in the fields and catching fish.
Although that kind of life led to a healthy body but it also stifled his soul that wanted to excel and move forward. Finally he went to Bentong a town in Pahang to see if his father could help him get a job. However unfortunately at that time all jobs especially those in the government were under the care of the Japanese army. So he asked for a loan of a couple of hundred dollars from his father and with a few friends he started a weekly paper called "The Gegaran Masa". The Japanese army was not happy with this.

In secret Tun Abdul Razak joined the underground army by helping the 'force 136' which was an elite unit of the allied force that were dropped by parachute in Malaya to sabotage the Japanese army. When the Japanese surrendered, Tun Abdul Razak held the rank of Captain and due to his contribution to the allied army he was given a Malayan Union scholarship by the Colonial government to study law in England in 1947.

He excelled his law studies with flying colours by finishing his studies in 18 months thus in 1950 he received his Degree of an Utter Barrister from Lincoln's Inn. During his student days he was a member of the British Labour Party and a prominent student leader of the Malay Association of Great Britain. It was at this time he met Tunku Abdul Rahman who at that time was in England.
Tun Abdul Razak met his wife to be Toh Puan Hajjah Rahah when he attended a United Malay National Organisation (UMNO) function which was held at the home of the late Tan Sri Noah her father. They were married on the 4th of September 1952 and were blessed with 5 children Najib who was named after the President of Eygpt on the 23rd of July 1953, Ahmad Johari 29th September 1954, Mohd. Nizam 3rd October 1958, Mohd. Nazim 3rd March 1962 and fifth Mohd. Nazir 19th November 1966. He would always come home for lunch if he did not have any functions.
Toh Puan Hajjah Rahah is active in Kaum Ibu (women's organization of UMNO), the National Federation of Women's Institutes, and the Women's International Club, Kuala Lumpur. Recently, she was elected President of the National Ladies Hockey Federation.

Due in part to leukemia, Tun Abdul Razak died on January 14, 1976 while seeking medical treatment in London.

Malaysia’s second Prime Minister


Characteristics showed the inside of all human being. It illustrates the personality of the person. Tun Abdul Razak loves sports. He likes to play football, cricket, hockey, tennis, and squash. According to DYMM Tuanku Jaafar ibni al-Marhum Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak never cheated at game. During football match, I never once saw him play foul. When someone rushed him and knocked him down, he never complained or even hit back. According to DYMM Tuanku Jaafar ibni al-Marhum Tunku Abdul Rahman again, Tun Abdul Razak simply got up and rushed back into the game.

Apart from that, Tun Abdul Razak constitute college head boy. As a perfect and head boy, DYMM Tuanku Jaafar ibni al-Marhum Tunku Abdul Rahman reveals that Tun Abdul Razak never scolds anyone. In fact he was helpful to everyone. Although Tun Abdul Razak laughed very little and hardly joined in the telling of bawdy joke, everyone likes him, including the headmaster and teacher. According to DYMM Tuanku Jaafar ibni al-Marhum Tunku Abdul Rahman again, Tun Abdul Razak was a member of Malay College Literary, Dramatic and Debating Society. Tun Abdul Razak cracked joke once in a while, but even in doing so, he kept a straight face. Apart from that, Tun Abdul Razak is also very bright and topped in class most of the time.

When he was the leader of this country he served and struggled for the people and country without looking at creed, race or lineage. He was a leader that brought forth a number of policies to guarantee the lives of all the citizens would be peaceful and harmonious. Tun Abdul Razak was seen as someone very loving and the word pity was always playing at the tip of his tongue. He also didn't like to hurt feelings of other people. Allahyaraham Tun Abdul Razak Dato' Hussein is one sensitive leader on those problems undergone people of this nation. Allahyaraham Tun Abdul Razak Dato' Hussein is a peaceable leader.

Besides, Allahyaraham Tun Abdul Razak Dato' Hussein is one of alive leader people. Allahyaraham Tun Abdul Razak Dato' Hussein like to visit villages and surveys problem self people experience. Allahyaraham Tun Abdul Razak Dato' Hussein successfully enlivened spirit cooperate and reduce colonial culture among Malay administrator.

Apart from that, Tun Abdul Razak is very hardworking and responsible. He spend more time touring districts than the rest of the Cabinet combined, he is always on the move, inspecting, checking, and travelling an average of 60,000 miles a year. On his tours he uses planes, helicopters, boats, bicycles and buses and has often gone on foot to visit remote areas undergoing development in Sabah in the east, or in Perlis on the Thai border. He prefers unannounced, on-the-spot inspections, sometimes to the discomfort of the civil servants involved. The story is told that one District Officer, given three hours notice that Tun Abdul Razak would be calling on him for a full briefing on projects under his supervision, fainted when he heard the Minister's plane overhead.

Apart from that, Tun Abdul Razak also likes to sing. He likes many song, there are 22 songs in this musical backed by props and interesting historical episodes. Some of them like the Enjit-enjit Semut and Joget Pahang are Tun Razak's favourite. The reporter, Rahim while commenting after the preview on why there are so many songs interweaved in the play said this is because this is a special musical where history and the facts are related through songs and dialogue.With a colorful presentation loaded with historical facts, Aswara has certainly put up a commendable performance in honour of a great statesman.

Father of Development

Our group choose Tun Abdul Razak for the famous historical person. Tun Abd Razak bin Dato' Najib Al-Haj (March 11, 1922 - January 14, 1976) was the second Prime Minister of Malaysia, lead our beloved country from 1970 to 1976. We choose Tun Abdul Razak because we were amazed by his greatness. Apart from that, he has the responsibility to country and the other aspects. He also takes seriously and concerns about problem of all citizens in the country. After independence, he contribution many content to develop this country. He was a leader’s of love, peacefulness and development of the country. With his loyal service, he achieved a title as a father of Malaysia’s development. In other hand, he contributes in education, country’s defence and socio-economy. In this assignment, we will analyse and describe about Tun Abdul Razak’s details from the sides of his physical attributes, characteristics, personal life, professional life and achievements.

Physical is an outside of sign that have each a people. Some physical exist to describe some people who are very well-known such as Tun Abdul Razak. According to our research through his pictures, he was not fully bald, he was hairless. He always wears a songkok. His body was not too muscular like military but still well built. We believed that he always take the excellent diet routine. He also has a healthy life. He did not do such thing as smoking and drinking. That’s why his body was well built. From his face, we see that he has a high and sharp nose. His nose is just like other Malay man. His height is between 160 cm to 170 cm. His height was normal just like the other of human being. He also has earlobe. Besides that, he is a dim person, that’s because he uses a thick spectacle. From his eyes, we looked to his eyebrow, his eyebrow is also thick.

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Stress! Stress! Stress! Stress!

Stress Tips
1 Discover the Meditative and Sensual Mode
2 Exercise Regularly.
3 Learn to Let Go.
4 Find a Hobby
5 Express Healthy Anger.
6 Seek Out Others with Similar Issues.
7 Declare Your Emancipation Procrastination.
8 1Seek the Higher Power of Humor.
9 Consider a Support Group or Professional Help.

How to Fit Your Body

Strength Training and bodybuilding


Sport Fitness

Go to Gym